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    The Solar System
    • The Solar System

      Tags: The sun and the solar system for class III, The solar system for grade 3, Our solar system for third grade, Earth and the solar system, Solar system and planets, Sun and significance or importance of sun, Mercury, Craters, Venus, Earth unique planet, Mars, Red planet, Jupiter, Stormy planet, Eye of Jupiter, Red spot, Saturn, Uranus, Ice giant, Neptune, dwarf planet, Pluto, The solar system worksheet PDF, Our solar system practice page. The smallest planet is ____, The coldest planet is ____, The brightest planet is ____, The nearest planet is ____, The farthest planet is ____, The planet with life is ____, ____ is a natural satellite. Write about dwarf planet Pluto. Why Earth is considered as unique planet? Name the planet with maximum number of moon and the planets with no moon. Why Mars is called red planet? What are craters? What will happen if we go near the sun?