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  • EVS - Environmental Science for Grade 3

    • Digestive System

      Tags: Digestive system for class III, Mouth, Food pipe (esophagus), Stomach, Small intestine, Liver, Pancreas, Large intestine, Healthy habits, Digestive system worksheets PDF for grade 3, Quiz on digestive system for third grade. Write all the organs involved in the digestion of food. Draw the journey of food for 3rd standard. What is digestion? What are the roles of liver and pancreas in the digestion of food? Write few healthy eating habits. Which organ contains taste buds?

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    • Communication

      Tags: How I communicate for class III, Communication for grade 3, Types of communication for third grade, Verbal communication, Non-verbal communication, Communication worksheets, Quiz on communication, Practice page on communication, Give two example of verbal communication. Give two examples of non-verbal communication. What is communication? Write 2 examples for each of the following: Postal communication, Telecommunication, Mass communication, Write about importance of mass communication? Write 2 fastest means of sending message to your friend. Full form of e-mail, Full form of PIN, Full form of ISD, Full form of STD

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    • Energy And Food

      Tags : Energy and food, My food for class III, Kinds of nutrients, Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, Balanced diet, Water, Fiber, Junk food, Healthy habits, Energy and food worksheets PDF for grade 3, Quiz on energy and food for third grade. From where we get energy to do our work? Which nutrient is important for growth and repair of the body? Which nutrients help us to fight against infection and diseases? What kind of nutrients needed?- For growth, For physical activity, What is a balanced diet? Who are called vegetarians? Why junk food is not good for health? How can we keep our body healthy?

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    • Festivals

      Tags: Festivals for class III, National festival, Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Religious and social festivals, Diwali, Dussehra, Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Eid-ul-Fitr, Id-ul-Zuha, Christmas, Onam, Pongal, Lohri, Makar Sankranti, Gurupurab, Buddha Purnima, Children's day, Teacher’s day, Festival worksheets for grade 3, Quiz on festivals for third grade. Find out different festivals celebrated by people in different parts of the world and write few lines on any one festival of your choice. Write about significance of festivals in our life. Why do we celebrate festival? (Write 2 reasons) When is Christmas celebrated?

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    • The Solar System

      Tags: The sun and the solar system for class III, The solar system for grade 3, Our solar system for third grade, Earth and the solar system, Solar system and planets, Sun and significance or importance of sun, Mercury, Craters, Venus, Earth unique planet, Mars, Red planet, Jupiter, Stormy planet, Eye of Jupiter, Red spot, Saturn, Uranus, Ice giant, Neptune, dwarf planet, Pluto, The solar system worksheet PDF, Our solar system practice page. The smallest planet is ____, The coldest planet is ____, The brightest planet is ____, The nearest planet is ____, The farthest planet is ____, The planet with life is ____, ____ is a natural satellite. Write about dwarf planet Pluto. Why Earth is considered as unique planet? Name the planet with maximum number of moon and the planets with no moon. Why Mars is called red planet? What are craters? What will happen if we go near the sun?

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    • Force

      Tags: Force for class III, Force in everyday life, Application of force, What are the effects of force, Example of forces, How does force effect motion for grade 3, Effect of forces, Forces and their effects for third grade, Describe effects of force on an object, State the effects of force, Forces and their effects, What forces can do, Types of forces, Kind of forces, Force worksheet PDF, Force practice page. Name the force that occurs when one object rubs against another object. What do you mean by force? Give an example to show force is being applied on a body. Write two examples of muscular force? What is frictional force? Explain how it is beneficial. Write various effects of force.

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    • Light and Shadow

      Tags: Light and shadow for class III, Light for grade 3, Light and shadows for class IV, Properties of light, What properties light have, Light travels in straight line, Light travels in straight line - experiment and activity, Light, shadow, lateral inversion and reflection worksheet PDF, Light and shadow practice page for third grade, Sources of light, Natural and Artificial Light, Luminous and Non luminous body, Characteristic of light, Light travels in straight line, Light reflects when it hit a surface, Transparency of material, Transparent material, Translucent material, Opaque object, What is the size of the shadow when the source of light and the object are closer to each other? What is the size of the shadow when the source of light and the object is moved away from each other? How shadow is formed? Explain in your own words. What is lateral inversion? What do you understand by translucent material? Give examples. Explain with an activity that light travels in straight line. Why light is important role in our life.

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    • Water Cycle

      Tags: Water cycle for class III, Process of water cycle for grade 3, Evaporation, Condensation, Transpiration, Precipitation, Accumulation, Importance of Water cycle, The Water cycle worksheet PDF for third grade, What are the stages of water cycle, What is water cycle, Tour of water cycle, Hydrologic cycle, Example of condensation, Why our clothes dry faster on sunny day? Why puddle get smaller with the time? What is condensation? Give an example. What do you mean by transpiration? Why water is so important for us? Why total amount of water on earth remain same? What happens to the water of wet clothes when they are dried out in the sun?

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