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  • Mathematics for Grade 1

    • Even And Odd Numbers

      Tags: Even numbers for first grade, Odd numbers Ist grade, Even and odd numbers worksheets for class 1, Quiz on even and odd numbers for grade I

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    • Addition

      Tags: Addition for grade I, Addition examples, Addition by drawing vertical bars for class 1, Addition worksheets for first grade, Quiz on addition Ist grade.

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    • Subtraction

      Tags: Subtraction for class 1, Subtraction examples for grade I, Subtraction by crossing vertical bars for first grade, Subtraction worksheets Ist grade, Quiz on subtraction

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    • Shapes And Patterns

      Tags: Shapes for first grade, Patterns for Ist grade, Square, Rectangle, Circle, Triangle, Oval, Properties, Sides, Corners, Shapes and Patterns worksheets PDF, for class 1 Quiz on shapes and patterns for grade I.

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    • Cardinal And Ordinal Numbers

      Tags: Cardinal numbers for first grade, Ordinal numbers Ist grade, Rank, Position, Cardinal and ordinal numbers worksheets for class 1, Quiz on cardinal and ordinal numbers for grade I.

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