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  • Mathematics for Grade 1

    • Even And Odd Numbers

      Tags: Even numbers for first grade, Odd numbers Ist grade, Even and odd numbers worksheets for class 1, Quiz on even and odd numbers for grade I, Color all the odd numbers in blue and all even numbers in pink for Ist standard, Sort odd and even numbers from number grid into respective columns.

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    • Addition

      Tags: Addition for grade I, Addition examples for Ist standard, Addition by drawing vertical bars for class 1, Addition worksheets for first grade, Quiz on addition Ist grade. Addition of 1 digit numbers. How many in all?

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    • Subtraction

      Tags: Subtraction for class 1, Subtraction examples for grade I, Subtraction by crossing vertical bars for first grade, Subtraction worksheets Ist grade, Quiz on subtraction, Subtraction of 1 digit numbers, How many are left?

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    • Shapes And Patterns

      Tags: Shapes for first grade, Patterns for Ist grade, Square, Rectangle, Circle, Triangle, Oval, Properties, Sides, Corners, Shapes and Patterns worksheets PDF, for class 1 Quiz on shapes and patterns for grade I. Match the names to their correct shapes. Name the shapes. Color the shape that has 4 sides. Write the name of the shape, number of sides and number of corners

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    • Cardinal And Ordinal Numbers

      Tags: Cardinal numbers for first grade, Ordinal numbers Ist grade, Rank, Position, Cardinal and ordinal numbers worksheets for class 1, Quiz on cardinal and ordinal numbers for grade I. Write the position of each of the following vegetable given below.

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