The Panchatantra is fabulous collection of antique animal fables. Panchatantra’s original Sanskrit work thought to be written by Vishnu Sharma. Vishnu Sharma was assigned with the task of implanting moral values and governing skills in the three sons of the king. Vishnu Sharma woven many stories to educate the king sons. Later on these stories came to known as Panchatantra. Panchatantra has 5 parts based on five principles ‘Mitra Bhedha’ (Loss of Friends), ‘Mitra Laabha’ (Gaining Friends), ‘Suhrudbheda’ (Causing discord between Friends), ‘Vigraha’ (Separation) and ‘Sandhi’ (Union).

The Panchatantra is the best tool to teach how to deal with people in life. It proves to be good guide for children to learn moral values as each story has a hidden moral. 

Here are some of the popular stories from Panchatantra.